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Snowtoriety is a 2D puzzle game where players launch snowballs to knock out singing elves with clever setups like snow piles and ice blocks.


  • Role: Programmer
  • Team Size: 5 (1 programmer)
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Language/Tool: C#
  • Platform: Android
  • Dev Time: 3 months


  • Prototyped and implemented the control mechanics
  • Implemented all gameplay building blocks of the game
  • Implemented all UI
  • Implemented juices with audios and particles
  • Committed the Agile Development and SCRUM




  • Players can drag, aim and release to shoot

  • The projectile follows a parabola path under global gravity


  • Players can use trampolines to deflect the original route of projectiles

  • The outgoing direction depends on the incoming one, decided by user input



Visualized trajectory

  • A predicted trajectory of the snowball is rendered to help players visualize its the future path

  • The trajectory is affected by how far players pull back from the snowman, in what direction do they pull back, and the gravity
  • Meanwhile, the trajectory will stop rendering at the blocking environments using raycasts
Recording points along path of trajectory and see if gets blocked by environment
A parabola solution – use horizontal displacement to identify vertical displacement

Projectile toggle

  • Other than the normal snowball, we have a stronger projectile: the ice ball, which can clear obstacles

  • Hence we need a toggle to switch between the two modes in game


Post Mortem

What went well

  • Game was fun and we found fun fast
  • Implemented tools that designers could easily use
  • Worked smoothly with artists on UI

What went wrong

  • Crunched on level select and UI generally
  • Had a hard time agreeing on a similar art style between the two artists

Action Plan

  • Consider UI early as part of the framework to better isolate dependencies
  • Have team members agree on the art style early in production